The Advantages of Dental Restorations like Crowns and Bridges.

Patients may experience a range of dental issues throughout their lives that can significantly influence their teeth and gums. Patients who require restorations should speak with a dentist about the advantages of using dental crowns and bridges to restore the health, wellness, and function of their natural smile.

What do dental crowns entail?

Dental crowns are restorations that cover a natural tooth and are made by a dental laboratory. Also known as “caps,” these are typically used to fix teeth that have been damaged or harmed by cavities or other oral health operations. A tooth that has had a huge filling placed on it, for example, may not be as strong as a tooth that has not been impacted structurally. A dental crown adds an extra layer of protection to the tooth against biting and chewing pressures. Another purpose for placing a dental crown is to protect a tooth that has grown weak as a result of root canal therapy. This procedure may be necessary to avoid the permanent removal of a natural tooth, although it exposes the tooth to harm. Patients can reinforce their teeth and limit the risk of further cracking or breakage with a dental crown.

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Dental crowns are designed to fit over the top of a tooth that has been appropriately prepared to reduce bulk. When patients are screened for a dental crown and decide that it is the best option for them, the exterior dental enamel of their native tooth is removed. The tooth is then taken into an impression and transported to a dental laboratory for creation of the final restoration. Patients may be fitted with a temporary crown in the meanwhile. The new restoration is completed in a few weeks, and patients return to have the temporary crown removed and the permanent crown placed. The new restoration is custom-made to match the color, shape, and size of the existing teeth, blending in perfectly with the smile.

What do dental bridges entail?

Dental bridges are made up of crowns and other dental restorations. A bridge is used to fill the gap caused by a lost tooth. When a tooth is pulled or lost, it produces a gap that must be filled as soon as possible to prevent the existing teeth from shifting. A dental bridge can heal the area while also improving chewing, biting, and speaking efficiency. Dental bridges are made up of dental crowns on each end and pontics (artificial teeth). This results in a single restoration that the dentist may bind into place with the help of the neighboring teeth. Dental bridges are a great alternative because they are more permanent than a partial denture but less expensive than other permanent options like dental implants. Most dental insurances cover dental bridges in part or in full, making them an economical option for many of our patients on a limited budget. For patients who are dealing with tooth loss and are confused which remedy is appropriate for their condition, We will analyze the smile and give recommendations. For many of our patients, dental bridges are an excellent option.


What are the advantages of restorations?

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There are numerous advantages to receiving dental restorations from the Carolina Dental staff. Restorations consist of:


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