Once you are fitted with braces you are halfway to a beautiful smile, but caring well for your teeth while you have them on is essential to insuring that your teeth look great once the braces come off. Individuals with braces are at an elevated risk of developing cavities and stains, and for these reasons it is important to take special care of your teeth. It is recommended that braces wearers brush their teeth everytime after eating. Aside from regular brushing it is important to floss regularly, preferably after each meal or snack. This helps insure that food particles are not left on the teeth to decay for long periods of time. In addition to flossing many orthodontists recommend using a water pick or brush pick to completely clean the braces, as it is extremely easy for food particles to become trapped in the brackets and between teeth. Some orthodontists also reccomend using a fluoride based mouth wash to help protect teeth while braces are on.

While wearing braces it is also important to avoid certain foods that can get stuck inbetween teeth or damage brackets. Some foods to avoid include corn on the cob and whole fruits. Wearers should also avoid hard breads and nuts when choosing what to eat. Chewy candies like caramel or gumies should be avoided at all cost during the duration of wearing braces. Soda is another product to avoid, the sugar combined with the acidic content in these beverages errodes the enamel of teeth. Not only do they pose the risk of staining, but over time it can actually damage and weaken teeth. It is also recommended to limit beverages such as coffee and tea to reduce the risk of staining.

Keeping a regular routine will not only help wearers to achieve a beautiful post-braces smile, but can help to maintain the health and integrity of their teeth during and after braces.