Smiles benefit from professional teeth whitening. Americans spend $1.4 billion yearly on products and procedures that promise a brighter smile.  A drugstore teeth whitening kit costs $34.99 on average, but the total cost might be substantially more if it destroys teeth or soft tissues. Carolina Dental offers professional teeth bleaching as a safe way to brighten your smile.

Why do we like white?

A white smile is beautiful by nature. Why? It’s in our blood! Teeth that are yellowed and discolored are a natural indicator of aging. White teeth imply youth and a nutritious diet. White teeth signaled a potential mate who was youthful and powerful enough to secure good food to primitive humans. That survival instinct is well ingrained in our modern mentality, attracting us to those with bright smiles.

The dentist’s distinction

Consider the advantages of our expert assistance:

Before initiating bleaching treatment, we ensures that your teeth and gums are healthy.

Bleaching trays are developed specifically for you. They’re designed to keep the whitening agent on your teeth rather than down your throat or on soft tissues, where it could irritate you.

A hygiene team with specific training in oral care instructs and supervises you.

At regular checks, your progress is monitored. We modifies your bleaching schedule or formulation as needed to achieve your whitening goals while minimizing the risk of irritation.

Results! Our whitening gel contains a higher concentration of bleaching ingredients than those found in over-the-counter solutions. It removes discoloration from microscopic tubes or canals in dental enamel and breaks up pigmentation. Teeth can be brightened or restored to their natural, youthful brightness. Contact us today!