Do you suffer from a severe or constant toothache? Are your gums swollen or tender? If so, it may be time to visit a family dentistry expert for a root canal. A common dental procedure, root canals aren’t nearly as scary as they sound. Get the root canal facts you need to know here.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a dental procedure in which your dentist removes any inflammation or decay from your tooth’s root. The purpose of this procedure is to restore your oral health, to prevent your condition from worsening and to relieve any pain you might be experiencing. While root canals have a reputation for being painful or unsafe, thankfully, these are just myths. Root canals are very safe, and they aren’t very painful at all!

What is the Typical Root Canal Procedure?

Once you have been given anesthesia and it has had time to kick in, your dentist will go into your tooth through a small hole in your dental crown. Your dentist will remove all of the inflammation and decay, and then he or she will fill in the space with a filler material to help prevent the area from becoming infected again. Next, once the inside of the tooth is cleaned and repaired, your dentist will perform a second cosmetic dentistry procedure to place a new crown over your existing tooth. This will help seal off the tooth so the bacteria cannot find its way inside again.

Are Root Canals Painful?

While root canals are a somewhat invasive procedure, the good news is that they are not painful. In fact, most patients are pleasantly surprised to find that a root canal is no more painful than having a routine filing placed. The entire root canal process is done under anesthesia so you don’t have to worry. Root canals treat pain; they don’t cause it.

While pain is the most common indicator that you might need a root canal,  only your dentist can let you know for sure. If it’s been a while since your last appointment, call and schedule your next appointment today.