Getting regular dental checkups is one of the catalysts in having a beautiful smile and keeping Periodontal Disease at bay, but visiting your dentist often is also essential for lowering your risk of experiencing Cardiovascular Disease.

Interior Health

Periodontal means, “located around the tooth.” This disease manifests itself through inflammation of the gums and the supporting bone structure. The first signs of trouble usually start with Gingivitis, which may results in swollen and bleeding gums. Pockets begin to form around the teeth. Without immediate attention, this condition will advance to Pyorrhea.

Pyorrhea produces erosion to the supporting bones, and pus forms in the pockets of the teeth, giving rise to infection. The plaque that is lodged in the affected areas will be full of bacteria, which can enter into the blood stream and induce systematic difficulties for the cardiovascular system.

Exterior Health

If you have crooked, chipped, uneven, and discolored teeth, it can cause you to feel a bit uncomfortable about your appearance. A dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry can bring a sparkle to your smile as well as boost your confidence as you go out and face the public.

The developments in cosmetic dentistry have made a huge difference in transforming people’s lives. These changes include:

Teeth whitening – In the past, people were accustomed to accepting teeth that were stained due to the intake of food and beverages. These days a dentist can improve the shade of the teeth in record time, which can be rejuvenating to a person’s well-being.

Veneers – An individual cannot look their best with crooked teeth or glaring spaces showing between them. Typically constructed from porcelain, veneer shells are custom-made to conceal defects, and help you display the perfect smile.

Bridges – Who wants to look like a jack-o’-lantern? Having missing teeth can make an individual feel miserable. Fortunately, a dentist that has skill in cosmetic dentistry can anchor a fixed partial to the surrounding unaffected area, and give you the pearly grin you deserve.

Overall, frequently visiting your dentist can help your health – inside and out, by decreasing your chances of developing Cardiovascular Disease, which can stem from Periodontal Disease, and they can create for you a flawless smile.