Below we will discuss four natural treatments for sensitive teeth.  Do you have sensitive teeth like the millions of other people?

There are a variety of causes for sensitive teeth, including:

tooth loss

gum illness

dental decay

But how should you handle it?

Perhaps you can get some relief in the comfort of your own home!

We’ll discuss some all-natural treatments for sensitive teeth in this blog.

What Natural Treatment is Effective for Sensitive Teeth?

Rinse with saltwater

Salt is a necessary ingredient for seasoning food, but it also works wonders as an antibacterial!

Two times per day, rinse your mouth with salt water to lessen gum tissue swelling and get rid of tooth pain.

This is how to do it:

One cup of lukewarm water should be mixed with half to three quarters of a teaspoon of salt.

For around 30 seconds, gargle your mouth with the solution and spit.

 Green tea

Many health advantages of green tea are well documented. It has demonstrated that it stimulates remineralization and has built-in anti-inflammatory effects.

To minimize swelling and reinforce your grin, gargle with unsweetened green tea twice day.

Additionally, green tea has a ton of antioxidants that eliminate dangerous oral microorganisms.

Drink unsweetened tea frequently to reduce plaque and salivary acidity.

Using coconut oil

For millennia, people have used coconut oil for pulling!

Studies have demonstrated that 10 to 20 minutes of daily coconut oil swishing can greatly reduce the harmful bacteria in your mouth, easing tooth sensitivity.

This may also stop:


dental decay

poor breath

hydroxyl radicals

Did you know that hydrogen peroxide may be used as a mouthwash?

A mild antiseptic and disinfectant, hydrogen peroxide can aid in healing your gums and preventing or reducing inflammation.

To apply this approach:

Fill a cup with two caps of hydrogen peroxide.

Include two caps of warm water.

For 30 seconds, swish the solution around in your mouth.

spit forth the answer

After that, thoroughly swish water in your mouth.

Please visit your dentist if you try any of the natural solutions listed above and still experience persistent tooth sensitivity.

Are you looking for a qualified dentist in your area? Carolina Dental is here to help you.  Contact us right away since tooth sensitivity may occasionally indicate a deeper problem.

Make an appointment if you have any inquiries or worries concerning tooth sensitivity.