Here are five causes of tooth pain and treatment options. It’s probably never a good idea to overlook tooth or gum discomfort, especially if it’s been there for some time and you haven’t had a checkup in a while. Here are five of the most prevalent symptoms and what they could mean: Mystery discomfort can sometimes be an indication of more serious problems.

Pain from the Cold

When you dive into a bowl of ice cream, you experience a sharp, aching sensation in your teeth. Your teeth may not be seriously harmed if you experience pain when it is cold; you may only need to start using toothpaste for sensitive teeth. However, if the discomfort continues, you might have a cavity or a fractured filling. Therefore, the sooner you visit your dentist, the better.

 Mouth Pain All Over the Place

If your mouth is hurting all throughout, you may have gum disease from not brushing and flossing your teeth enough. Consult your dentist for a thorough cleaning.

 Pain or Irritation in Specific Mouth Regions

Your teeth’s enamel may have worn down or your bite may be out of alignment. Your dentist can change your bite to lessen the strain on particular teeth. Avoid soda and fruit juices and use a protective toothpaste if your enamel has worn down.

Sore Gums

You may have food stuck between your teeth and under your gums if you have sore gums in certain spots. Tender gums, however, can sometimes be a precursor of gum disease. Or even worse, your tooth’s pulp tissue can be infected, which would rob your root of its blood supply.

 A Hurtful Bite

When you chew or bite, you could experience tooth pain. This could indicate that you have a cracked tooth. Unfortunately, regular stress that is repeated can cause fractures, especially if the tooth has had multiple fillings. You might also need to see your dentist because you have a cavity or an infection.

Plan A Consultation

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