Do I need to get my wisdom teeth removed? Will having your wisdom teeth removed or left in place cause more damage?

Getting your wisdom teeth removed has probably been mentioned to you, whether you are a teenager, parent, or an adult.

We understand that learning about a dental surgery is never enjoyable or thrilling.

If your wisdom teeth haven’t been extracted yet, you may be wondering:

Do my wisdom teeth really need to be removed?

Although having your wisdom teeth removed has evolved into a sort of rite of passage, not everyone requires this procedure.

Discover if you require this operation and what might occur if you choose to keep your wisdom teeth.


How do Wisdom Teeth Work?

I don’t want to let you down, but no, wisdom teeth don’t improve your intelligence.

Because they often erupt when a person is older and, one would think, wiser, wisdom teeth are so named.

These teeth should appear between the ages of 17 and 21.

These teeth are situated in the far back of your mouth, behind all of your other teeth. Two should be on top and two should be at the bottom. Although not everyone experiences this, more will be spoken about that.

Your set of 32 adult teeth is completed by your wisdom teeth, which are molars. Because they are used to grind food, these molars are the toughest of all.

They may create a great deal of issues.

The majority of the time, wisdom teeth need to be removed due to these issues.


Why do I Require Removal of my Wisdom Teeth?

The following four main causes are why your dentist could advise having your wisdom teeth removed:

Because they are impacted, your wisdom teeth cannot erupt normally. Most frequently, they lie horizontally rather than erect and continue to protrude below the gumline. Wisdom teeth that have impacted can be extremely painful.

They enter at an awkward angle, which puts your neighboring teeth at danger of being pushed against or chipped by them.

Simply put, you don’t have enough room in your mouth for an additional set of molars. Some people hypothesize that this is because our diets through time have affected our jaws.

You can’t maintain good oral hygiene: If your toothbrush and floss can’t get to your wisdom teeth, you’re going to be more prone to cavities and gum disease.

Your smile and health are at stake if you disobey your dentist’s recommendations and keep your wisdom teeth.

If you disobey your dentist and keep your wisdom teeth, what happens?


Common Issues with Wisdom Teeth

wisdom tooth issues, you should be aware of the following:

In the US, 10 million wisdom teeth are extracted annually. This practice is widespread, and for good cause.

Watch out for these typical wisdom teeth issues if you refuse to follow your dentist’s advice and get your wisdom teeth removed:

Your additional set of molars could ruin your smile by pushing your other teeth, which would lead to oral pain and biting issues. Have you ever had braces? This can make everything irrelevant and necessitate more orthodontic treatment to sort everything out.

Jaw damage: Cysts may develop around wisdom teeth. They have the potential to damage bones, roots, and nerves if untreated. If a cyst develops into a tumor, surgery can be necessary.

Sinus pressure and pain can result from wisdom teeth in the upper jaw rubbing against the sinuses, causing discomfort, pressure, headaches, and congestion.

Gum disease and cavities: Inflamed gums can be challenging to clean. Bacteria can multiply when spaces between the teeth and gums form, leading to gum disease and cavities, the leading causes of inadvertent adult tooth loss.

What Age Should I have my Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

The ideal age for wisdom tooth extraction is unknown.

The overall guideline though is:

Better off younger.

The removal and recuperation process may be more challenging as you age because your bones grow more brittle.

We advise you to schedule a wisdom teeth evaluation with your dentist if you or your adolescent child have never had one.

X-rays are used by your dentist to confirm:

You might not even be aware of your wisdom teeth if they are not visible.

If your wisdom teeth need to be removed, what number of wisdom teeth must be removed?

Your dentist will come up with a treatment plan if you need to have your wisdom teeth removed. You might be able to get several wisdom teeth removed in a single session to save time.

So, do I Require Removal of my Wisdom Teeth?

In all honesty, your dentist should answer this query. You don’t always need to have your wisdom teeth removed just because you have them.

If you’re fortunate, your wisdom teeth may erupt straight and healthy.

Or your wisdom teeth could be absent, one or more of them. After all, adults lose their wisdom teeth the most frequently among all missing teeth.


The removal of wisdom teeth is common practice to protect dental health, comfort, and a radiant smile.

Do I need to get my wisdom teeth removed?  To make an appointment or discuss it during your subsequent dental examination, call Carolina Dental today.