The teeth are the most important tools you’ve got, and by the time you reach thirty, you’ll have been through a lot with them. While dental milestones aren’t often celebrated, they play an important role in our happiness and self-confidence.

  • Your First Cavity
    • Even the best brushers are bound to get a cavity sooner or later. Whether your teeth fall prey to holiday sweets or enamel erosion from coffee and other beverages, by the time you reach thirty, its likely you’ll have encountered your first (and hopefully only) cavity.
  • Braces and Other Corrective Measures
    • Over half of American children between the ages of 10-14 wear braces, and as dental cosmetics continue to improve, more and more adults are correcting their teeth later in life. Still, by the time you reach thirty, chances are you’ll have had some sort of corrective procedure, whether its a crown, braces, or retainer.
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal
    • While some people never have to remove their wisdom teeth (some people don’t even have wisdom teeth!) usually this happens before the mouth matures. Even if you’ve never had your wisdom teeth removed, you have likely experienced having a tooth pulled. While wisdom teeth removal requires a serious procedure, especially if your teeth are impacted, having an individual tooth pulled is usually much less painful and serious.
  • Teeth Whitening
    • Teeth whitening has become a standard procedure at many dentist offices across the country. In addition to the professional whitening that takes place at the dentist, there are also many over the counter remedies to help whiten teeth. You may notice that after thirty years, your teeth have begun to show signs of use, whether it be from soda, coffee, tee, or red wine. Most toothpastes now have some sort of whitening component, which means that by the time you reach thirty, you’ve probably encountered at least some sort of teeth whitening.