Having teeth that do not fit together properly can cause embarrassment, and even more importantly, it can result in health problems. If an individual is experiencing malocclusion (over bite) or diastema (spacing) in regards to their teeth, it might be time to visit an orthodontist.

What does an orthodontist repair?

An orthodontist usually has advanced training in the field of dentistry because he or she is responsible for improving the bite by straightening misaligned teeth. After taking a panoramic X-ray of the mouth, a thorough examination is given to search for the issues of crowding, gaps, jutting, and the overall mechanics of how the jawbone is affected. The dental specialist will customize a procedure suitable for the circumstances.

Appliances that might be suggested…

Braces – Coming with the options of wire or clear-based, braces in conjunction with rubber bands fitted along the teeth provides pressure to gradually straighten them. Braces can be reinforced with head or neck gear, depending on the degree of irregularities, the orthodontist will make the decision if an extra apparatus is needed, fortunately, this device is worn only in privacy .

Retainers – If an individual has a slight misplacement concerning their teeth, the professional practitioner might suggest placing a retainer. This removable prosthetic device is made of plastic and assist in keeping the teeth from shifting; it is usually required a person wear it doing sleeping hours.

Problems that can arise…

Teeth that are in disrepair can be the source of illness such as digestion issues from improper mastication, distorted jaw movement and facial appearance, as well as sinusitis.

Whether young or old, having a great smile can boost confidence as well as contribute to your overall health. This is why setting up an appointment with an orthodontist is a wise choice.