Described are some of the advantages of electric toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes are another tool you may utilize to maintain a healthy smile between professional cleanings.

Since the ancient Babylonians chewed on the end of a twig until its pulp was soft like a toothbrush, toothbrushes haven’t altered much, with the exception of a few design innovations. Switzerland’s invention of the electric toothbrush in the late 1930s was one breakthrough that dramatically increased the functionality of the toothbrush. People were able to care for their mouths more effectively, and those with arthritis or other muscle-control impairments were able to be somewhat more independent due to the electric toothbrush.

While all electric toothbrushes have a similar appearance, each model offers distinctive features that appeal to a variety of consumers. Some use rotating or oscillating heads, while others employ ultrasonic technology to eliminate plaque and food particles. Some toothbrushes include timers that beep at specified intervals, while others have several settings for specific difficulties, such as massaging the gums or halting the brush head when it is brushed too vigorously.

Each type, however, offers the same advantage: the capacity to keep the toothbrush in place while the motor and bristles clean the teeth.

Assistance for Aching Joints

Electric toothbrushes provide individuals with arthritis and other illnesses that damage the joints and muscles a measure of control back. It may not seem like a huge issue to most of us, but the ability to clean one’s own teeth after not being able to hold a toothbrush adequately can have a significant impact on one’s self-esteem.

Ideal for Small Hands

Around the age of seven, children often gain the dexterity to clean their teeth without assistance and to tie their own shoelaces. Even so, doctors urge that parents assist youngsters in cleaning their teeth or at least observe their brushing practices to prevent tooth decay. An electric toothbrush gives children a sense of autonomy when brushing. There are already a variety of electric versions available for youngsters. Some include flashing lights, while others play music throughout the suggested two-minute brushing period.

Enhanced Oral Hygiene for Orthodontic Patients

By utilizing an electric toothbrush, patients with conventional braces can dramatically improve their oral hygiene at home. The oscillating or vibrating brush head of an electric toothbrush allows the bristles to access tighter places than those of a manual toothbrush. Just ensure that the bristles are soft and the brush head is tiny so that it can fit between the brackets and teeth.

While electric toothbrushes are beneficial for everyone, they are neither a substitute for professional cleanings nor an excuse to neglect your home care regimen. An electric toothbrush can enhance your at-home care and compensate for age-related or medically-induced coordination deficits. However, you should still consider asking for assistance if you have difficulty brushing and gripping a toothbrush. Contact Carolina Dental to schedule your bi-annual cleaning with us today.